U518: Objectives

On successful completion of this course, the student, with the aid of the appropriate reference materials, should be able to:

  1. Describe the conceptual working of the Internet and the World Wide Web
  2. Design, create, and maintain documents coded in HTML5 that are destined for the World Wide Web, including using these features and techniques:
    • HyperText linking
    • Embedded text and style markup
    • External Cascading Style Sheets
    • Ordered, unordered, and definition lists
    • Embedded images of various kinds
    • Client-side maps
    • Embedded multimedia objects, including AUDIO and VIDEO
    • Basic client-side scripting using JavaScript (a.k.a. ECMAScript)
    • Use the Document Object Model (DOM) to access, change, insert, and delete document nodes and attributes under script control
    • Request and gather information using forms and controls
    • Set and retrieve cookies
    • Create and use tables on a page
    • Dynamically modify tables under script control
    • Use tables to create simple graphs
    • Inline frames
  3. Know where and how to find additional information as needed.

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