U515: Topical Outline

Day One

Introduction to the class

  • The uses for shell scripts
  • Scripting languages available
  • And now for something completely different
  • Computer Exercise:  Class set up

UNIX Applications

  • Running the UNIX shells
  • Shells and processes and such
  • Pseudo-terminals
  • Sessions
  • UNIX Jobs
  • Commands and processes
  • Shell commands: tty, sleep, ps, uname
  • Computer Exercise:  Shells, sessions, and processes

Regular expressions

  • Regular expressions
  • Shell commands: grep, egrep, fgrep
  • Computer Exercise:  Regular expressions

The shell line editor: ed

  • Shell editors
  • Shell commands: ed
  • Computer Exercise:  The ed editor

Where did I put that file?

  • Shell commands: find
  • Shell commands: find and grep together
  • Computer Exercise:  The find command

Introduction to shell scripts

  • Shell scripts
  • Shell commands: read, clear
  • Scripts and comments
  • Shell commands: getconf
  • Computer Exercise:  Basic scripts

Day Two

The if and test commands

  • Exit values
  • Reserved word commands: if, test
  • Shell commands: pathchk
  • Computer Exercise:  Conditional processing

Looping in shell scripts

  • Reserved word commands: [[ ]], until, while
  • Reserved word commands, looping – nested loops
  • Reserved word commands: break, continue
  • Computer Exercise:  Looping

Variable manipulation

  • Shell variables
  • Shell commands: let
  • Variable attributes
  • Shell command: typeset, integer, expr
  • Computer Exercise:  The Scores script

Parameters in shell scripts

  • Parameters
  • Accessing parameters
  • Reserved word commands, looping – for
  • Writing shell scripts – an exploration
  • More special parameters
  • Array variables
  • Computer Exercise:  The Peek script

Managing choices: select and case

  • Menu like structures
  • Reserved word commands: select, case
  • Shell commands: getopts
  • Scripts: basic error handling
  • Shell commands: print
  • Computer Exercise:  More complex scripts


  • Functions in Scripts
  • Shell commands: autoload, command
  • Computer Exercise:  A function in a script

Shell Flags and Options

  • The Shell Environment
  • Shell commands: set, unset
  • Shell commands: sysvar and z/OS system symbols
  • Computer Exercise:  The set command

Day Three

z/OS Shell Processing

  • Tying it all together
  • Command execution
  • Shell commands: sh, exec, whence, type, eval, xargs
  • The magic number
  • Shell commands: file
  • Computer Exercise:  More shell commands

sed: The Stream Editor

  • Significance of “Stream Editor”
  • Shell commands: sed
  • Computer Exercise:  Displaying a file with HTML using sed


  • Shell commands: tsort, sort
  • Computer Exercise:  Sorts

File Compares and Other Information

  • Shell commands: compares
  • Shell commands: diff, patch, dircmp, cmp, cksum, comm, uniq, wc, od
  • Computer Exercise:  File compares and such

More Work with Text Files

  • Shell commands: split, csplit
  • Computer Exercise: Splitting files

Running Shell Executables in Batch: BPXBATCH

  • Executables
  • The BPXBATCH program
  • The OSHELL TSO/E command
  • Computer Exercise:  Batch work


  • The bc command
  • The vi editor – Part 1 (vi)
  • The vi editor – Part 2 (ex)
  • Content summary



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