U515: Major Topics

  • Introduction to scripting concepts
  • Running UNIX applications: shells, processes, and such
  • Regular expressions
  • grep, egrep, fgrep commands
  • The shell line editor: ed
  • The find command
  • find and grep together
  • Introduction to shell scripts
  • read, clear, getconf commands
  • Logic in scripts: if, test, pathchk
  • Looping in scripts: [[ ]], until, while, nested loops, break, continue
  • Variable manipulations: let, expr, typeset, integer
  • Parameters in shell scripts: for; special parameters; array variables
  • More script logic: select, case, getopts
  • Functions (in scripts and stand alone)
  • Shell flags and options; set and unset
  • z/OS shell processing; sh, exec, whence, type, eval, xargs
  • sed: the Stream Editor
  • Using sed scripts to convert plain text to HTML
  • Using sed scripts to create HTML files from flat data files
  • Sorts: tsort, sort
  • File compares and more
  • Running shell scripts in batch: BPXBATCH, BPXBATSL
  • The OSHELL command

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