U510: Topical Outline

Day One

Introduction to z/OS UNIX

  • z/OS and UNIX System Services
  • TSO User ID
  • Profiles
  • UNIX User ID
  • z/OS UNIX – The Shell Interface under OMVS
  • Computer Exercise:  Getting to the z/OS Shell

More Identities

  • Effective UID
  • Group ID

More shell commands

  • Shell Command Syntax
  • Shell Commands: id
  • OMVS – Some Options
  • Shell Commands: logname, cal, date, echo, man, who, whoami, fc, history, r, alias, hash, unalias
  • Computer Exercise:  Practice With Commands


  • Shell variables
  • Environment variables
  • Shell Commands: export, env
  • The Shell Environment
  • Shell Commands: readonly, printenv
  • Some Common Environment Variables
  • Computer Exercise:  Working With Environment Variables

UNIX Files and the Hierarchical File System (HFS)

  • Hierarchical File System (HFS)
  • Paths
  • Commands for Files and Paths
  • Shell Commands: pwd, cd, basename, dirname
  • File Access Permissions

Managing and Deleting Directories and Paths

  • Making Directories
  • Default Permissions
  • Shell Commands: umask, mkdir, rmdir
  • TSO Command: MKDIR
  • Shell Command: ls
  • Computer Exercise:  Creating and Deleting Directories

Data Transfer – Part 1: TSO Commands

  • File Organizations Supported
  • Record Formats
  • Code Pages
  • Names
  • Copying Files
  • Computer Exercise:  Copying Files

Day Two

Displaying Data Under the Shell

  • Displaying data
  • Shell Commands: head, tail
  • Shell Commands: Using z/OS Data Set Names
  • Shell Commands: cat, pg, more, pr, nl, asa, fold, cut
  • Computer Exercise:  Displaying Files

Managing Files and Directories

  • Commands for Files and Directories
  • UNIX Files – Review
  • Common directories
  • Shell Commands: touch, rm, chmod, chaudit, chgrp, ln, link
  • Some more Environment Variables
  • Shell Commands: du, df
  • Computer Exercise:  Working With Files

Piping and Redirection

  • Standard files and file descriptors
  • Pipes
  • File redirection
  • Shell Commands: tee, paste
  • Computer Exercise:  Piping and Redirection


  • More Irish commands
  • The TSO OEDIT command
  • The TSO OBROWSE command
  • Shell Commands: oedit, obrowse
  • Computer Exercise: Working Wih Files:  OEDIT

ISHELL: Doing UNIX-y Things in an ISPF-y Way

  • The TSO ISHELL command
  • Computer Exercise:  Using ISHELL

Locales and Internationalization in UNIX

  • Code Pages – Review
  • Internationalization
  • Locales
  • Internationalized Applications
  • What’s This Got To Do With UNIX?
  • Setting Locale Values
  • Shell Commands: mkcatdefs, gencat, runcat, dspcat, dspmsg, localedef, locale, iconv, tr
  • Computer Exercise:  tr command

Day Three

More OMVS Features

  • OMVS
  • OMVS – The Parameters
  • OMVS and SubCommand Mode
  • Computer Exercise:  More Work with OMVS

Data Transfer – Part 2: UNIX Commands

  • Shell Commands: cp
  • Shell Commands: mv
  • Shell Commands: tso
  • Computer Exercise:  copying, Renaming, and Moving Files

Compressing and Uncompressing

  • Compressing and Uncompressing Files
  • Shell Commands: compress
  • Shell Commands: uncompress
  • Shell Commands: zcat

Introduction to The Web

  • The Web – Basic Concepts
  • Web Servers on z/OS
  • Computer Exercise:  Displaying a Web Page from the Mainframe

Introduction to Markup Languages

  • Overview: Markup Languages
  • SGML
  • HTML
  • XML
  • HTML – An Introduction
  • Computer Exercise:  Writing Basic HTML

Managing Archive Files

  • Archive Files
  • Shell Commands: pax
  • Shell Commands: tar
  • Computer Exercise:  Unwinding an Archive

Accessing HFS Files and Programs from Batch and TSO Applications

  • JCL and HFS files
  • ALLOCATE and HFS files
  • Programs and subroutines
  • DLLs
  • UNIX System Services
  • C Run Time Library services
  • Computer Exercise:  Accessing HFS files through non-UNIX applications

Submitting jobs from the shell

  • Shell commands: submit
  • Computer Exercise: Submitting a batch job from the shell

UNIX Directory List Support

  • HFS file attributes
  • The UDlist utility

telnet (Optional)

  • telnet and rlogin
  • The telnet interface
  • Shell commands: stty, tabs, unexpand, expand
  • Computer Exercise:  The telnet Experience

A Little UNIX Humor

Wrap Up: Where Do We Go From Here

  • Further Studies
  • Resources

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