U510: Major Topics

  • Introduction to z/OS UNIX
  • IDs and profiles
  • Shell commands
  • The OMVS interface
  • Environment variables
  • The Hierarchical File System (HFS)
  • File permissions
  • File copying and moving
  • Displaying, editing, and browsing data in the HFS
  • Piping and redirection
  • ISHELL facility
  • Introduction to UNICODE
  • Locales and Internationalization
  • Compressing, uncompressing, archiving and unarchiving HFS data
  • Introduction to the Web – Web servers on z/OS
  • Introduction to Markup Languages (SGML, HTML, XML)
  • Creating and maintaining Web pages on the mainframe
  • Accessing HFS files through batch jobs
  • Submiting batch jobs from the shell
  • Accessing z/OS UNIX via telnet
  • The UDList utility (ISPF 3.17)

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