In collaboration with Steve Comstock and Hunter Cobb of the The Trainer’s Friend we are able to offer a comprehensive set of training resources in Asia Pacific never seen before at these incredible price for performance values.

Our courses cover the following important categories in the career development of the mainframe professional:


General z/OS and mainframe introductory courses

Introduction to Application Programming (z/OS)

Introduction to z/OS


TSO, CLIST, REXX, ISPF / Dialog Manager


ISPF Update

Advanced ISPF in z/OS

TSO CLIST Programming in z/OS

ISPF and JCL on z/OS

TSO REXX Programming in z/OS

Introduction to TSO and REXX APIs

Developing Dialog Manager Applications in z/OS


JCL and Utilities

z/OS JCL & Utilities

Advanced Topics in z/OS JCL



Assembler Language

z/OS Assembler Programming Part 1: Beginnings

z/OS Assembler Programming Part 2: Interfaces

z/OS Assembler Programming Part 3: Update

z/OS Assembler Programming Part 4: z/Architecture and z/OS



Enterprise COBOL Update

Enterprise COBOL Unicode and XML Support

Structured COBOL Workshop for Enterprise COBOL

Advanced Topics in COBOL (Enterprise, z/OS)

Enterprise COBOL Debugging and Maintenance

z/OS Debug Tool for Enterprise COBOL



VSAM With Access Method Services

VSAM For COBOL Programmers

VSAM For PL/I Programmers



Language Environment, InterLanguage Communication, DLLs

Using LE Services in z/OS

Cross Program Communication in z/OS

Creating and Using DLLs in z/OS

z/OS Debug Tool for Multi-Language Applications


z/OS UNIX System Services

Introduction to z/OS UNIX

Shell Script Programming in z/OS UNIX

You and z/OS and the World Wide Web

Developing Applications for z/OS UNIX

Introduction to CGIs on z/OS

Writing z/OS CGIs in COBOL

Writing z/OS CGIs in Assembler



DB2 Concepts and Facilities

DB2 Version 8 Differences

DB2 Native SQL Stored Procedures

DB2 and XML

DB2 Version 9 Differences

DB2 Version 10 Differences

DB2: Greatest Hits

DB2 Version 7 to Version 9 Transition

SQL Query Building in DB2

SQL Coding Workshop

DB2 Operations

DB2 Stored Procedures

QMF For Programmers

QMF for SQL Developers

DB2 Data Base Administration

DB2 / CICS Interface

DB2 Tuning and Performance



Structured PL/I Coding Workshop

Advanced Topics in PL/I

VSAM for PL/I Programmers

Enterprise PL/I Debugging and Maintenance

z/OS Debug Tool for Enterprise PL/I


C and C++

Structured C Coding Workshop

z/OS Debug Tool for XL C/C++