While mainframe training and education are our focus, how do you suppose we learned to teach the entire range of technologies we cover?  Because, unlike some other training ‘factories’, we at SkyeSpires actually practice what we teach.  Any of the skills you see in our training catalog are there because we have some of the most experienced professionals in the field associated with us and ready to deliver that training.  Which means, for you our customers, that if you really need an expert, onsite or remote, to implement, fix, diagnose or strategise around that particular technology, we have the skills in-house to help.

For short term consulting through to longer term project management and implementation, SkyeSpires has mainframe skilled resources available to help.

Of course, no-one is excellent at everything, and we have our specialist skills that we prefer to work with.  Some of our consultants areas of world-wide recognised expertise include:

  • Mainframe Security implementation, Audit, Administration and Customisation, specifically with IBM RACF.
  • Assembler development and support
  • Mainframe Performance and Capacity Planning analysis

Additionally, if we don’t have the skills in-house and ready, available for your needs, our extensive network of mainframe contacts developed over decades of dedicated involvement in this tightly knit technical community can be called upon to find a true expert in whatever niche specialisation you need for your project.

Give us a call, you won’t be disappointed.