M520: Major Topics

  • Defining data (items, structures, arrays) in four languages
  • Converting between null-terminated strings and traditional strings in four languages
  • Working with halfword-prefixed strings in four languages
  • Accessing the JCL PARM and setting the JCL return code in four languages and using LE services
  • Static calls and function references
  • Passing arguments, including: passing by reference and by value; passing a variable number of arguments; setting the end-of-list flag; omitting arguments; providing a return value area
  • Receiving parameters, including: receiving by reference and by value; handling a variable number of parameters; testing for the end-of-list flag; testing for omitted parameters; providing a return value; how subroutines can behave like functions, and vica-versa
  • Object code formats: OBJ, XOBJ, GOFF
  • The program binder
  • Executables: load modules, program objects
  • Alternate entry points
  • Shared external data
  • Multi-tasking issues
  • Dynamic calls and function references
  • Addressing concerns and AMODE / RMODE issues
  • Module attributes (reusable, reenterable, refreshable)

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