D732: Course details

Recommended Duration:  2 Days

Benefits:  The student learns how to use the Language Environment (LE) and COBOL facilities for debugging as well as how to effectively do maintenance on a module that has been debugged. The Program Binder is also discussed extensively.

Audience:  COBOL programmers who need to know how to code calling and called programs (subroutines) and who need to know how to debug these programs in the LE environment; programmers who need to know how to use the Program Binder for maintenance.

Prerequisites:  Basic understanding of the COBOL language, and a working knowledge of how to code JCL statements. Fundamental understanding of CALL statements and basic subroutine concepts.

Related IBM Materials:  This course is drawn from these and other IBM manuals; access to these publications in the classroom is desirable but not required:
SC27-1408 – COBOL Language Reference
SC27-1412 – COBOL Programming Guide
GA22-7560 – LE Debugging & Messages
SA22-7562 – LE Programming Reference


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