D705: Topical Outline

Day One

COBOL Support For Unicode

  • What Is Unicode?
  • Unicode Support in Enterprise COBOL
  • When Will You Need To Use Unicode Support?
  • Things To Watch Out For
  • Computer Exercise: Set Up and Handling Unicode

COBOL Support for XML: The Set Up

  • What is XML?
  • Processing XML Documents
  • Preparing to Use the COBOL XML Parser
  • Computer Exercise: Prepare Data for Parsing


  • The XML PARSE Statement
  • The XML Special Registers
  • The XML Events
  • Coding the Processing Procedure
  • Computer Exercise: Basic XML Parsing

COBOL Support for XML: Processing Procedure Considerations

  • What To Do In A Processing Procedure
  • Extracting Data During Parsing
  • Computer Exercise: Extracting Data During Parsing
  • Extracting Data During Parsing, continued
  • Computer Exercise: Extracting Multiple Data Fields During Parsing
  • Extracting Numeric Data During Parsing
  • Early Termination of Parse
  • Exceptions in Parsing
  • Restrictions in Processing Procedures
  • Computer Exercise: Extracting Numeric Data During Parsing

Day Two

Parsing Pure Passed XML

COBOL XML Support: The XML GENERATE Statement

The “Wrapper” paradigm, The XML GENERATE statement, XML GENERATE and exceptions, Computer Exercise: Creating XML Output

Attributes, Namespaces, and Enterprise COBOL V4 Enhancements

  • COBOL, XML, and Attributes
  • COBOL, XML, and Namespaces
  • Enterprise COBOL V4 Enhancements
    • Compiler option XMLPARSE
    • Namespace support
    • Attributes in generation
    • Record level processing
    • XML header generation
  • Computer Exercise: Using Some of the New Features


  • Processing Differences for XML PARSE
  • XML PARSE migration issues
  • Processing Differences for XML GENERATE
  • Computer Exercise: Code clean up

Enterprise COBOL V4R2 Enhancements

  • Introduction to XML Schemas
  • Preparing XML schemas for PARSE
  • Computer Exercise: Schemas and Validation

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