D705: Objectives

On successful completion of this course, the student, with the aid of the appropriate reference materials, should be able to:

  1. Describe the attributes of Unicode, and explain the difference between the three formats of Unicode data (UTF-8,UTF-16, UTF-32)
  2. Code Unicode data items, Unicode literals, and Unicode hex literals in COBOL programs
  3. Use intrinsic functions to convert between code pages including EBCDIC, ASCII, and Unicode
  4. Describe the basic rules for XML document structure
  5. Invoke the IBM high speed XML parser from a COBOL program to extract data from an XML document into a COBOL record structure
  6. Use the XML GENERATE statement to create XML data from a COBOL data structure
  7. Use Enterprise COBOL 4.1 or later facilities to work with namespaces and attributes, and to parse XML documents a record or a segment at a time
  8. Use Enterprise COBOL 4.2 or later to validate an XML document against a schema stored in an external file or an internal data item.

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