D704: Objectives

On successful completion of this course, the student, with the aid of the appropriate reference materials, should be able to:

  1. Code programs using the COBOL/370, COBOL for MVS & VM, COBOL for OS/390 & VM, and Enterprise COBOL compilers, as available and appropriate to the work at hand, including features such as:
      • Intrinsic functions
      • External data and file attributes
      • Passing data to subroutines by reference, by content, and by value
      • Receiving returned values from subroutines or functions
      • Accessing files in the Hierarchical File System (HFS) using line sequential processing
      • Dynamically allocate files at run time
  2. Run programs compiled using any of the above named compilers, providing the correct run-time parameters and JCL
  3. Describe the role of Language Environment, and the major functional capabilities supported by LE
  4. Be able to use the new Millennium Language Extensions (MLE), if available.

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