C500: Topical Outline

Day One


  • General Introduction
  • z/Architecture – Hardware
  • z/OS – Software
  • z/OS Initial Migration Concerns
  • Computer Exercise:  Set up for labs

Linkage Issues – Branching and AMODE Setting

  • PSW Format
  • Address Calculation
  • Register Format
  • Loading Addresses
  • Changing Addressing Modes
  • Passing Control Without Switching AMODE
  • Passing Control and Switching AMODE
  • Switching AMODE Without Passing Control
  • Testing the Current AMODE
  • Running Around in AMODE-64
  • Computer Exercise:  Setting and Testing AMODEs

Register Management

  • Storing Register Contents Unchanged, To Memory
  • Loading Memory Contents, Unchanged, Into Registers
  • Move Data (unchanged) Between Registers
  • Linkage Conventions
  • Computer Exercise:  Saving and Restoring Registers

Decimal Data

  • Numeric characters – EBCDIC
  • Numeric characters – ASCII
  • Numeric characters – Unicode
  • Zoned decimal data and signs
  • Packed decimal
  • TP
  • Computer Exercise:  Packed Decimal Numbers

Day Two

Binary Arithmetic

  • Halfword Binary Arithmetic
  • Fullword and doubleword binary arithmetic
  • Logical binary loads
  • Other binary loads
  • Logical binary arithmetic
  • Computer Exercise:  Binary Arithmetic

Boolean Instructions

  • Working with bits
  • OR instructions
  • AND instructions
  • Exclusive OR instructions
  • Test under mask instructions
  • Load and test instructions

Shifting and Rotating – Bits in Registers

  • Shift Instructions
  • Grande Shifts
  • Shift Instruction Processing
  • Rotate Instructions

Working With Character Strings in IBM Mainframes

  • Working With Character Strings in IBM Mainframes
  • Interruptible Instructions
  • CPU-Determined Unit of Processing
  • More Instructions for Working With Character Strings in IBM Mainframes
  • z990 Character Instructions (enhanced again in May, 2004)

Working With ASCII Data in z/OS

  • Encoding Schemes
  • Working With ASCII Data in IBM Mainframes
  • Big Endian and Little Endian
  • Load Reversed
  • Store Reversed
  • Working With ASCII Data, continued
  • Computer Exercise:  Supporting ASCII Data

Introduction to Unicode

  • Characters
  • Characters, Glyphs, and Fonts
  • Coding Schemes
  • Codepeges
  • Standards
  • Unicode

Day Three

Working With Unicode Data in z/Architecture

  • CUUTF, CUTFU, CU24, CU21, CU42, CU41, CU12, CU14

Floating Point and Assembler

  • Floating Point Formats
  • Floating Point Instructions: Load Instructions
  • Floating Point Instructions: Store Instructions
  • Floating Point Instructions: Convert BFP to HFP
  • Floating Point Instructions: Convert HFP to BFP
  • Floating Point Instructions: Convert Fixed to HFP
  • Floating Point Instructions: Convert HFP to Fixed
  • Floating Point Instructions: Convert Fixed to BFP
  • Floating Point Instructions: Convert BFP to Fixed

The z9 Models Instruction Set

  • Facilities Introduced
  • The Store-Facility-List-Extended Facility
  • The Enhanced-Immediate Facility
  • The ETF2-Enhancement Facility
  • The ETF3-Enhancement Facility

Those Other Instructions

  • Specialized Tasks
  • Debugging Information
  • Time of Day Clock Instructions
  • Locking Related Instructions
  • Message Security Instructions
  • Other

z/OS V1.2

  • Macro support (SYSSTATE, CALL, IAVR64)
  • Debugging information
  • Symptom dumps
  • Computer Exercise:  Using Memory Objects

The Dead Zone

  • The z/OS Address Space
  • The Dead Zone
  • AMODE64 Linkages
  • The IEABRC Macro

z/OS V1.3

  • Additional AMODE64 support
  • Computer Exercise:  Using Programs Bound As AMODE64

z/OS V1.4

  • New cell pool macros

z/OS V1.5

  • HLASM V1.5 facilities

z/OS V1.6

  • Changes to SYSSTATE and other macros

Day Four

z/OS V1.7

  • Large format data sets

z/OS V1.8

  • New z9 instructions
  • Decimal floating point

z/OS V1.9 – nothing new for the Assembler applications programmer

z10 Machine

  • Overview
  • Load and Store instructions
  • Compare and Branch, Compare and Trap
  • Other new Compare instructions
  • New Execute Instruction
  • Working with binary data
  • New move instructions
  • New Translate and Test instructions
  • Those Other instructions


  • New Extended Mnemonics
  • Mnemonic tagging
  • Assembler PARM changes

z/OS V1.10

  • IARCP64: New cell pool services
  • IARST64: New storage services

z/OS V1.11 – nothing of interest for the Assembler applications programmer

zEnterprise machines (z196, z114) – New hardware instructions

  • Overview
  • High-Word Facility Instructions
  • Interlocked-Access Facility Instructions
  • Load/Store-on-condition Facility Instructions
  • Distinct Operands Facility Instructions
  • Population-Count Facility Instruction
  • Floating-Point Extension Facility
  • Miscellaneous Changes

z/OS V1.12

  • Save Areas Revisited
  • Enhanced BSAM support for 64-bit code
  • Enhanced Macros (CALL, LINK, LINKX, XCTL, XCTLX)
  • GETMAIN change
  • Program Binder change

z/OS V1.13 – nothing of interest for the Assembler applications programmer

z Enterprise Machines: zEC12 – New hardware instructions

  • Overview
  • The Decimal-floating-point zoned-conversion facility
  • The Miscellaneous-instruction-extensions facility
  • The Load-and-trap facility
  • The Interlock-access facility, 1 and 2
  • The Execution-hint facility
  • The Processor-assist facility
  • The Transactional-execution facility

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