C416: Objectives

On successful completion of this course, the student, with the aid of the appropriate reference materials, should be able to:

  1. Code and maintain programs written in Assembler language that use any of the following instructions and techniques:
      • Long names, mixed case names, blank lines
      • Use Assembler parms to control behavior of the Assembler, including the use of *PROCESS statements, the ASMAOPT data set, and profile information
      • Use many of the new instructions available for the applications programmer:
        1. Multiply Single: MSR, MS
        2. New Halfword Immediate instructions: AHI, CHI, LHI, MHI
        3. Test Under Mask in register: TML, TMH
        4. Logical String Assist: CLST, CUSE, MVST, SRST
        5. Extended compare, move, translate: CLCLE, MVCLE, TRE
        6. Relative Branch: BRAS, BRC, BRCT, BRXH, BRXLE
        7. Unicode: CUUTF, CUTFU
      • Use the new extended mnemonics for branch instructions
      • Use labeled USINGs, dependent USINGs, and labeled dependent USINGs, as appropriate and necessary to the application
  2. Describe the concepts of Unicode, and when it is needed
  3. Describe other new hardware and software features of possible interest to z/OS Assembler applications programmers.

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