C416: Major Topics

  • Obvious Assembler enhancements (long names, case insensitivity, blank lines, new data types, embedded blanks in DC values)
  • Assembler parms
  • *PROCESS statements
  • ASMAOPT data set
  • Additional hardware instructions:
    Multiply single (MSR, MS)
    Halfword immediate (AHI, CHI, LHI, MHI, TMH, TML)
    Logical String Assist (CLST, CUSE, MVST, SRST)
    Extended instructions (MVCLE, CLCLE, TRE)
    Relative Branching (BRAS, BRC, BRCT, BRXH, BRXLE)
  • New extended mnemonics
  • Labeled USINGs
  • Dependent USINGs
  • Labeled Dependent USINGs
  • Introduction to Unicode and Unicode support in the Assembler

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