C414: Course details

Recommended Duration:  3 Days

Benefits:  Students who complete this course will be able to write or maintain Assembler programs that: process or create variable length records; involve subroutine linkages; use dynamic serial linkages such as LINK, LOAD, DELETE, XCTL; use other system service routines.Students will also gain a solid basis for debugging and dump reading Assembler programs.

Audience:  Experienced or beginning Assembler programmers needing to learn additional support, design, debugging, or maintenance skills.

Prerequisites:  This course is intended as a follow-on to course C410 z/OS Assembler Programming Part 1.

Related IBM Materials:  This course is drawn from these IBM manuals; access to them in the classroom is required (via hardcopy, BookManager, etc.):
Assembler Services Guide
Assembler Services Reference
Using Data Sets
Macro Instructions for Data Sets
Program Management


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