C410: Exercises

There are 14 hands-on exercises.

  1. This course covers the Assembler and the application-programmer oriented hardware instructions that have been available from the introduction of the S/360 and that were added over the first 20 years or so of the architecture. It is estimated that 90% of existing Assembler applications use only the instructions covered in this course.
  2. We do not cover any instructions in these categories: floating point, vector, privileged, semi-privileged.
  3. The course integrates features of the High Level Assembler (HLASM) through V1.3.
  4. The follow on courses are “z/OS Assembler Programming Part 2: Interfaces”, “z/OS Assembler Programming Part 3: Update”,  and “z/OS Assembler Programming Part 4: z/Architecture and z/OS”.

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