B625: Objectives

On successful completion of this course, the student, with the aid of the appropriate reference materials, should be able to:

  1. Write JCL and DFSORT control statements to sort, copy, and merge records in the following kinds of files as input, and to produce these kinds of files as output:
    • Sequential data sets
    • VSAM data sets
    • Members of PDS or PDSE
    • Files in the Hierarchical File System (HFS)
  2. Create symbolic name files to use in DFSORT and ICETOOL control statements
  3. Write JCL and DFSORT and ICETOOL control statements that enable you to perform these tasks with no need to write code in a programming language:
    • Work with subsets of files (filter / extract out records)
    • Build new records, reformat existing records, even recognizing and handling different record layouts in the same file, including:
      • adding, removing, and reordering fields
      • converting data type of fields, and editing content
      • doing arithmetic calculations, inserting sequence numbers
      • replace values using lookup pairs in specific locations
      • replace values in any location
    • Extract fixed length values from variable length fields (parse)
    • Output multiple files in a single pass, including XML, HTML, and reports with up to three levels of control breaks
    • Working with dates and times in a wide variety of formats, including SMF, TOD, and ETOD, and working with dates with two digit years
    • Convert between fixed length record files and variable length record files
    • Join records from two files and process the resulting file set
    • Use locales for sorting and copying, and work with ASCII files
    • Combine fields from two or more files into records in a single file.

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