We’ve created this site to serve as a resource for you to use in co-ordinating the training requirements of your mainframe systems, development and operational staff.  We know that when it comes to mainframe training, there’s not a lot of choice, and costs can be prohibitive – and we’re here to change that.  Check out our course catalog for a list of upcoming training events that you can benefit from.

SkyeSpires is a group of mainframe professionals associated by a common goal of desiring to continue to propagate the education and mentoring they themselves received early in their careers.  We strive to make it possible for organisations to invest in developing their mainframe staff, recruit new mainframe talent and enhance their use of this tremendous platform to meet and exceed their business goals.

The inspiration for our brand name comes from the Great Cuillin mountain range found on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, UK.  These are some of the most significant peaks in the UK and attract climbers and tourists seeking their fantastic scenery from worldwide.  We were inspired to amalgamate the idea of aspiring to be your best, with the image of these peaks reaching for the sky – and so became the name SkyeSpires,  We believe that through quality training, support and mentoring, anyone can be aided to achieve their own personal best – aspire to your achieve your highest potential, assisted by our training programmes.

Please go and look at our training catalog and talk with us about our flexible pricing options – we are confident that you won’t find better quality technical training, and even more confident that given our flexible delivery options, we can get more of your people fully enabled to exercise their talents within your organisation than any other offerings on the market.