A810: Major Topics

  • Dialog variables and variable pools, including variables services
  • System symbols
  • Panel definition language and panel processing logic
  • LIBDEF service
  • DISPLAY service
  • Message services
  • Library Access services (LM…)
  • Pop-up windows
  • Scrollable fields
  • SELECT service and menus
  • Dialog Test
  • CONTROL services
  • Browse, Edit, and View interfaces
  • Help panels and tutorial services
  • ISPF tables and table services
  • ISPF table display services
  • ISPF Table Utility
  • File tailoring services and skeletons
  • Obtaining data set information
  • Command tables and user-written commands
  • Introduction to CUA (Common User Access) standards
  • Creating and using action bars
  • Introduction to Dialog Tag Language (DTL)
  • Creating keylists using DTL
  • Installing ISPF applications

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