A700: Objectives

On successful completion of this course, the student, with the aid of the appropriate reference materials, should be able to:

  1. Use full-screen terminals, including the appropriate Function keys, to accomplish work under ISPF/PDF, as described below
  2. Use the CUA interface (action bars, pull-downs, point-and-shoot fields, etc.), and tailor the look and feel of ISPF to meet individual preferences
  3. Describe the characteristics of, and differences between, sequential data sets, partitioned data sets (PDSs), and PDSEs (Partitioned Data Set Extended)
  4. View a sequential data set or a member of a PDS/PDSE
  5. Allocate, rename, and delete data sets or members, and print or display the attributes or contents of a data set
  6. Copy and move data sets and members
  7. Use productivity features such as command stacking and split screen processing, the CMDE command and command retrieval techniques
  8. Edit data sets or members: create new members or files, and modify existing members or files
  9. Understand the basic flow of work in z/OS, including JES Readers, Writers, Initiators, the role of the Interpreter, and the purpose of Allocation
  10. Code JCL statements as necessary to accomplish work in the z/OS environment, including JOB, EXEC, DD, OUTPUT, IF/THEN, ELSE, ENDIF, INCLUDE, SET, JCLLIB, PROC and PEND statements
  11. Copy files for backup, restore, and testing purposes using the IBM utility program IEBGENER, and use some of the basic services of IDCAMS, the VSAM utility
  12. Use a Sort/Merge program product to sort a sequential data set
  13. Submit batch jobs and use ISPF/PDF 3.8 and / or SDSF, Flasher, IOF, or E(JES) facilities for tracking jobs and examining job output
  14. Code cataloged procedures, including the use of symbolic parameters and defaults, nested procedures, and private proclibs
  15. Describe the implications of Storage Management Subsystem (SMS) and Partitioned Data Sets, Extended (PDSE’s).

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