A634: Topical Outline

ISPF Update – Introduction

  • ISPF Version Differences Overview
  • ISPF Primary Option Menu
  • Standard Panel Format
  • CUA Panel Formats
  • Running in GUI Mode
  • Using Action Bars
  • Working With Pull-down Menus
  • Getting Around in ISPF
  • Computer Exercise: An Encounter with the new ISPF

ISPF Look and Feel

  • The Settings Panel
  • Function Keys Settings
  • Working With Keylists
  • Color, Intensity, and Highlighting
  • Look and Feel: Options
  • Computer Exercise:  Changing the Look and Feel of ISPF

Utilities and Help

  • Utility Functions
  • Allocating a Data Set Using ISPF
  • Help
  • Computer Exercise: Allocating New Data Sets

Looking at Data – Edit, View, and Browse

  • Edit, View, and Browse
  • Action Bar Choices on View and Edit Entry Panels
  • Computer Exercise: Introduction to ‘View’

More Utility Functions

  • Move / Copy
  • Deleting a Data Set
  • Renaming a Data Set
  • The Library Utility
  • Computer Exercise: Utility Functions

Reference Lists

  • Reference Lists
  • Computer Exercise:  Reference Lists

Edit Commands

  • Edit line commands
  • Labels
  • Edit primary commands
  • Computer Exercise: Using Edit Commands

Language-sensitive Color Editing

  • Language-sensitive color editing
  • Scrollable fields
  • Computer Exercise: Using Language-sensitive Color Editing

Data Set List Utility

  • Option 3.4: Data Set List Does It All


  • Retrieving Commands
  • Command Interfaces
  • The ISPF Command Shell
  • Split screen, ISPF 4.2 and later
  • Split screen, ISPF 6.0 and later
  • The CMDE command

Edit commands CUT, PASTE, and Clipboards

  • The EDITSET command
  • Computer Exercise: Copy, Cut, and Paste

VSAM Support

  • VSAM Support in ISPF
  • Computer Exercise: Using VSAM Support

The ISPF Object / Action Workplace Shell

  • Action / Object versus Object / Action
  • The Workplace


  • UDList – the UNIX Directory List Utility
  • HFS File Attributes
  • The UNIX Directory List Utility

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