A500: Objectives

On successful completion of this course, the student should be able to:

  1. Describe the concepts underlying IBM zSeries computer systems in general (hardware: processors, memory, tape, disk, devices in general; software: operating systems, application environment, application programs)
  2. Correctly use terms related to mainframe computer systems: such as data set / file, fields, records, data set organization
  3. Understand terms specifically related to z/OS, such as DDname, data set name, PDS, PDSE, VSAM, label, VTOC, directory, catalog, TSO, ISPF, JCL
  4. Describe the role SMS (System Managed Storage) plays in z/OS
  5. Describe the roles played in application development of CLIST, REXX, JCL, and TSO/ISPF
  6. Describe the role of Unicode in the mainframe world, and the support for Unicode provided in z/OS
  7. Describe capabilities of the latest compilers from IBM for COBOL, PL/I and C as well as the Assembler, the binder, and Language Environment
  8. Describe the capabilities of DB2, in broad, general terms, and understand the salient features of the latest version of DB2
  9. Compare and contrast the two major transaction processing environments: CICS/TS and IMS, and the role of MQSeries
  10. Describe the facilities available under z/OS for running UNIX applications, including hosting a web server and email
  11. Send text messages to a cell phone and / or emails to the Internet from a batch job, (providing their system is configured to do so).

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